Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New toys and paper and paint test

 Last week my new art supplies arrived.  The Schminke pan paint box, got a great bargin and to my surprise the company included the 300lb. watercolor block.  I also got my new books.  Capturing the Moment in Oils by David Curtis, love his work, he also is a great watercolorist.

I experimented with  the paper and paint, still have to practice. They were meant for journaling and outdoor painting so I am sure they will do.


Anns Art said...

Hi Joan, I love getting new art supplies, and am green that you got a Schminke pan paint box, which I see work very well - Lovely painting of the greenhouse.

CrimsonLeaves said...

What a haul, Joan!! And bonus to get that paper block as well. I love this little painting; the trees are just exquisite!

Joan T said...

Looks like a fun package of supplies. I see you got the Urban Sketchers book. It is supposed to be very good. Nice painting of the building.

Anonymous said...

your work is beautiful and what fun supplies, thankyou for following me, I came right back to follow you.
I was a little shy to comment I'm in awe of your work I'm just a self taught painter, you are such a professional artist, so well known.
I just paint, Its so nice to meet you.

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Hi Ann, Crimson Leaves, Joan and Laurie. Thank you all so much for the visit and encouraging words.

All the best to you all,