Monday, October 13, 2014

People, Places and Things

People , Place, and Things
Teapot and lemons
People, Place, and things

Since I started with sketching with my new pen it has opened a new world
to me.  I may never travel to faraway places.  So thanks to Wet Canvas
and the use of the photo reference library.
Until I get the confidence to go out and sketch publicly in the local towns
and villages here on Long Island.  I will just get use to practicing from
these photos.

Happy Painting everyone.


Barbra Joan said...

You have nothing to fear about sketching in public... oh these are so good!!
and yes, I love fountain pens too.
I have several.. ( I play a lot) LOL!

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Thank you BJ, my weakness, pens, which is your favorite? This recent pen, the Lamy Joy, love it, just have to learn how to change the nib. I'll check the net, sure there is a youtube video on that.