Sunday, November 23, 2014

Just For Fun

Barns and Nobel Cafe
Girl on her smart phone while having lunch
Did a little surfing in Wet Canvas reference library
I usually set up my own still life, but just wanted to relax
and have fun.  watercolor on Saunders Waterford, this paper may be my favorite.
This one is just a quickie experiment working in gouache on paper.
Got ther reference shot from wet canvas. May set up an actual still life
and work in gouache 


Barbra Joan said...

Hi Joan, love your little sketches, and I see your doing some pen and ink work too... I've been playing around with that also..
Have a great week... I'm ok and will be going to Biloxi for 3 days to be with friends for the holiday.

Joan Tavolott said...

Your Barnes & Noble sketch made me smile. Glad you used my idea of a spot to sketch. Many Starbucks are good to capture people because they stay put. I like your experiments with the ink and the paint. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Joan Sicignano said...

BJ, thank you for the visit and the encouraging words at my attempt at sketching on location. Enjoy your holiday with your family and friends. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Joan Sicignano said...

Thanks for sharing your great ideas where to sketch. You are so right about the cafe's and Starbucks, people don't move. And it was a perfect spot being tucked away in the corner. Joan, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Maybe we can sketch somewhere. Enjoy.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I came over from John's blog Joan. What a nice time for me - visiting with two artists I follow and admire..
I really enjoyed seeing your gouache - great edges, and the difference between it and the plate with orange slices where the ink lines provide edges.. You are so versatile. Great idea about B&N - neat sketches.

Joan Sicignano said...

Hi Julie, thank you for the visit and lovely comment. I appreciate the support and encouragement. all the very best to you.


Cheryl Wright said...

Your oranges look so juicy I had to try my hand at them. I tried to copy and paste a photo of my sketch but all I got was this link.