Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Art and Photo tripod easel

This my set up using the w/c tray as a table for my
watercolors and water container, the roll of paper towels
is held in place with a bungee cord. On the very top is a screw for the camera .
Working plein air, I love taking photos of the scene that I am working on and
being able to place the camera to shoot the scene is perfect.
Using my new art and photo tripod to work outdoors
I was working in acrylics

Just doing w/c sketches outdoors

Thanks to my good friend and plein air painter, loved her plein air easel.  After collecting
so many pochade boxes, tripods and french easels, this may be my very favorite.

What I do like about it, it is light, but can be made to stand up to the wind if I
place my back pack on the hook.  I will try to upload a better photo